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My name is Eyal Levin, born & raised in Jerusalem. After 4 years of traveling around the world on motorcycle, living 2 years in New York and guiding groups in Ecuador for 5 years, I have decided to come back to Israel and to become a professional tour guide. Together with my university studies, I combine the two biggest loves in my life - History and Traveling!

why choosing me?

    My conception is that every visitor has different interests & needs. This is why I always set a unique itinerary which will be the best one for you. Whether visiting the "must see sights" or those "off the beaten track", "Tailor-Made" isn't just a metaphor when it comes to my tours.

I also believe that visiting a place is not just seeing it, it is also feeling it. This can be done not only by using all five senses, but also by trying to feel its uniqueness. I believe that this can be provide only by a local who has a diverse background, and has the eager to share it with others.  

Providing tours in Israel since 2009 I find that this country gives an unforgettable experience to every visitor. No matter where you come from, nor your religious background – Israel will be a place to remember! 

     It's a true honor to serve as a "Israel window" to so many people all over the world – it would be my privilege to be yours…


אייל לוין
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